Efficacy of aloe vera

Selasa, 19 April 2011

Efficacy of aloe vera for the treatment and beauty has been known since the time of ancient Egypt thousands of years ago. In fact, the queen Cleopatra is famous for its beauty believed to use these plants to still look beautiful. Aloe vera leaves are already large, generally has a length of about 30 cm. In the leaves have a slimy flesh, this section is rich in benefits for humans. The older leaves of aloe vera, the more useful content it has. Want to know what are the benefits of aloe vera? 

Aloe vera for oily skin care can also be used as a face mask. Here's the recipe: 

* 1 tablespoon of the mud mask 
* 1 tablespoon aloe vera juice 
* 1 tablespoon flour hazel 
* Enough water to make these materials so pasta 
* Add 1 drop of essential tea tree oil 
* 1 drop of lavender essential oil 
* 1 drop of peppermint essential oil 

Combine all ingredients, apply and settling for 15 minutes and wash with warm water and then splash cold water. 

Other recipes, take 3 tablespoons of aloe vera juice (taken from the leaves of a peeled and crushed) - 1 or 2 drops of tea tree essential oil Combine both ingredients and rub on the skin that feels dry. Let stand for 10-15 minutes then rinse with cold water. 

Mucus in the leaves you can use to cool the burned skin from sunburn. So if your skin is flushed after sunbathing on the beach, just rub the sap is in the area that was hot, reddened and itching due to sunburn. 

Eyes feel tired because eventually stuck at the computer? Easy, refreshing with aloe vera leaves. How irislah a broad-leaf section and then chill in the refrigerator for a few minutes. Use to compress the tired eyes. 

Aloe vera can also be used as a moisturizer for dry hair, colored hair even restore luster. Apply aloe vera leaf mucus in the hair is still damp after her shampoo, starting from the tip to the root hair. Massage gently and then wrap a warm towel or shower cap for about 30 minutes. After that, rinse until clean.


Climate change increase the population of caterpillars

YOGYAKARTA-temperature environment, especially climate change influence the population of caterpillars, because of increasing temperatures can accelerate the life cycle of caterpillar that, experts said pests and plant diseases, Faculty of Agriculture Gadjah MadaYogyakarta Suputa. "The increased population of caterpillars is also due to the reduction in natural enemies, such as birds, parasitoids, and other predators," he said in the discussion Pests Plague Worm Feather phenomenon in East Java, Yogyakarta, on Thursday. According to him, due to high population, attacks caterpillars in Probolinggo, East Java, the more apprehensive. Caterpillars not only attack the leaves of mango in the district banks, Leces, Those are, and Tegalsiwalan, but also enter the house residents. "Leaves of mango varieties in the area Manalagi devour caterpillars.Mango tree twigs and stems stay, "he said. The phenomenon of caterpillar fur He said, the caterpillars prefer the leaves of mango Manalagi attack than other varieties of mango trees. Selection of the host caterpillars adults was carried out when laying an egg. "The caterpillar hairs not including butterflies, but moths countrymen. Allegedly moth caterpillars that are laid eggs on the skin cracks or under the mango tree leaves, "he said. According to him, attack caterpillars are not a new phenomenon, because previous similar attacks have occurred. In fact, never happened before Java chilli plants which wilted plant yellowing due to pest attack. "There are two species of caterpillar that attacks the leaves of mango in Probolinggo, namely arctornis sp and Lymantria atemeles Collenette. That caterpillars are nocturnal, ie caterpillars are active at night, "he said. He said no wonder that on the night often sounded like rain, and it was actually caterpillars eating the leaves of mango. "If this worm attacks left unchecked, it will be many parties suffered losses. Besides fear of economic losses as well, "he said.Therefore, the control of caterpillar populations into steps that must be done immediately. Moreover, silkworm egg production capacity reaches 70-300 eggs per female worm. "Integrated pest control by utilization of natural enemies, birds, parasitoids, UV light traps, pheromone traps and the use needs to be done," he said-REPUBLIKA.CO.ID


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11 Tips Exercising For Diabetes Sufferers

Minggu, 10 April 2011

Regular exercise can control diabetes risk. Benefits of exercise for diabetics, among others:
Burn calories and reduce body fat thereby increasing cell metabolism ability to absorb and store glucose.Improving blood circulation, especially in the feet and hands, where usually people with diabetes have a problem.Reducing the stress that often triggers an increase in blood glucoseDiabetics who exercise diligently to break away from dependence on drugs.
Here are some exercise tips for diabetics (diabetes):
1. Consult a physician before undergoing an exercise program. Your doctor will recommend what type of exercise you should do according to your condition.Doctors usually will ban you exercise if:
Your blood glucose more than 250 mg / dl.You have symptoms of retinopathy (damage to blood vessels in the eye), neuropathy (nerve damage and blood circulation in the limbs), nephropathy (kidney damage) and cardiac disorders such as coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, and other arritmia.2. If there is no ban, start with mild exercise such as aerobics, walking, swimming, and biking. Aerobic exercise is beneficial to deepen breathing and increase heart action. For those of you who have never exercised, start with 10-20 minutes each time the exercise, several times a week.
3. Many diabetics who do not realize it if you have trouble on their feet. Before walking or jogging is healthy, make sure the comfort and safety shoes are worn:
Always wear comfortable socks.Check to see if there are gravels or other items before wearing shoes.Avoid abrasions or scratches on legs4. If you have a problem in the foot, we suggest you choose swimming, gymnastics or cycling is not too much pressure on the foot.
5. Do not lift heavy weights because it can increase blood pressure suddenly.
6. Begin and end the exercise with heating and cooling for 5-10 minutes to reduce the risk of heart and muscle injury.
7. Do not drastically increase the portion of practice. Each time, increase only one factor (frequency, duration or intensity of exercise).
8. Wear a diabetes identification so people know if something happens to you.Hypoglycemia is a risk that can occur during exercise. The increase in the absorption of glucose by the muscle can reduce blood sugar to very low levels (hypoglycemia). Symptoms of hypoglycemia are the body trembling, heart palpitations, increased sweating, hunger, dizziness, lethargy, confusion, and rapid mood changes.
9. When exposed to symptoms of hypoglycemia:
Perform tests to check blood sugar.Consumption of sweet foods or drinks such as juice or candied fruit. Avoid foods that contain fat by blocking the absorption of glucose by the body.Rest for 10 -15 minutes and do the checking again before continuing the exercise.Do not continue exercising if your blood sugar under 100 mg / dl.When you resume exercising, always vigilant against the re-emergence of symptoms of hypoglycemia.When finished exercising, eat foods that contain complex carbohydrates like sweet potatoes, bread, and corn.10. Perform blood glucose testing 12 hours after a rather heavy exercise to check the existence of hypoglycemia that emerged after the workout (late onset).
11. Exercise with joy. To improve and maintain your motivation to exercise, join a sports club with diabetes who are near where you live.

Do We Need to Drink Eight Glasses of Water a day?

Suggestion that we always hear everywhere is that we should drink a half liter or eight glasses of water a day and night.

Is it true that advice?
Advice is a kind of dogma that has been questioned several years ago in a study by the University of Pennsylvania (USA). Scientists say that drinking more water is not useful and certainly did not help remove more toxins from the body. Whatever amount of water absorbed, in most cases will be disposed of again by the kidneys.
"In fact, drinking large amounts of water are surprisingly actually reduce the ability of the kidney as a filter. Decline slightly, but steadily, "said Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, kidney expert at the University of Pennsylvania. Most drinking water can also cause poisoning (water intoxication).
The water requirement varies among individuals, depending on energy expenditure, diet, and the weather:


We need 1 ml of water for every calorie that we spend. Women spend an average of 2,000 calories per day so it takes 2 liters of water. Men spend an average of 2500 calories per day so that it requires 2.5 liters of water. But you do not need to drink 2 or 2.5 liters per day to meet your needs.

All food, except sugar and oil, contain water. Fruits and vegetables contain an average of 90% water. When you eat fruits and vegetables in the correct amount is 300 g and 500 g per day, you've got a half liter of water (approximately 700 g). And if you dihindangkan in the form of vegetable soup, you even get more water again.When you eat rice and side dishes, you also get water. Their water content around 60-85%. Remember that most of the water is absorbed when the rice is cooked into the rice. Only a small portion of water that evaporates.
So, if you eat a balanced composition, you get more than 1.5 liters of water every day from the food you eat. You just need to get 0.5 to 1 liter of water from beverages or only 2-5 cups.

Diet and weather

In addition to energy expenditure, water requirements can vary by diet and weather.When you drink plenty of coffee, you will need more fluids. Caffeine causes the urge to urinate (is a diuretic), so that needs to be balanced with the addition of liquids. Salty foods also increase the need for water because salt water is binding.Within a few hours after you eat salty foods, you will feel thirsty, so a glass of water feels very refreshing for you.
Apart from diet, of course you need fluid decreases and increases in different weather. Hot weather make your body needs more fluid to cool the body.Conversely, in cold weather your body tends to not need a lot of fluids.
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