Tips for Effective Promotion

Rabu, 06 April 2011
If the business is already well established, whether the promotion still remains to be done? Promotions such as what exactly? Is it necessary to provide a special budget for that campaign? ".
Basically the campaign is very important in a business. Because the campaign is one that is needed in marketing activities of product, price (the price), place (location) and promotion (promotion). Someone who wants to buy the product would have to know what brands are willing to buy, the location where, what type of product and other information. This information can be obtained with the promotion.If the goods or services are not known would be difficult to sell.Promotion itself there are various kinds. There is a campaign that is intended to introduce the business or product or service as a "brand awareness" is introduced that the product is there. Can also promotions that are meant to increase sales, with discounts and product samples. The sample next to be given directly, either attached to other products, or on-call "bundling." Companies usually set these two strategies together are introducing products and increase sales. The proper promotion it quickly increase sales, especially when related to the needs of the community.Well, related to the business that is already known by the community, promotion still must be held, because there is competition. If competitors continue to do promotion, of course that does not make promotional products can be overlooked by consumers. Promotion next introduce the product, also reminiscent of the customer to buy or use such services again. For small businesses were always reminded to consumers by way of a brochure that is always divided into homes or stick a sticker on electricity and telephone poles.Therefore, the proper promotion depends on the type of product and target of the intended buyer. Can promote a variety of categories with the progress of science and marketing management. Companies can do the campaign with ads that would be way expensive. If its reach across Indonesia have ads that reach across Indonesia as the national newspapers or national television. When the local market business area simply by advertising with local print media or local electronic media such as television or local radio. In this campaign can also be displayed figures or well-known artists to attract consumers.Basically, almost all good quality products. But if the promotion is less attractive can not be purchased by consumers. The company can also do promotions with a "sales promotion", now many are carried out by the SPG (sales promotion girl) in a supermarket or a mall or visiting house to house. Besides, we can also recruit sales promotion whose job is to promote, rather than as a seller or outlets. They took samples, the potential buyers were asked to taste, or distribute flyers, take the end to buy etc.. Often mistaken that they (the sale promoters) are targeted to make sales. When targeted to make sales, promotional activities could be disrupted.Sales promoters insist that visitors make a purchase, but the main task for visitors to understand the product and product benefits can be forgotten.Discounts are also often used for promotion, for potential buyers to buy with cheap price, feel the benefits, if the match will buy again. Publications product on the benefits of products / services are often used in a variety of media. Brochures are often used to spread through various means or sent by fax or email. Promotion which is widely referred to as promotional "Above the Line," such as using the national media, being targeted promotional campaigns focus is often called "Below the Line", such as brochures. For small businesses, usually the most frequently used classifieds. Brochures are also used because it is relatively affordable price. Signs for small businesses is very important.Promotion of small businesses is a simple counter. Effort should be a very neat appearance. Many small businesses like warehouse store displays, not tidy.Because the arrangement is less orderly, often entrepreneurs forget to put the goods. When buyers come, look for items that do not exist. When looking for other goods, goods that had sought his own show. The arrangement is not good cause damaged goods, old not sold become obsolete, or rusty. Can happen items that should not be mixed, mixed in the arrangement. For example, the insect repellent near food. The fluid near the books, etc.. The place is clean not dirty is a good promotion.Restaurant with lots of flies of course less interesting, too dirty a lot of rubbish scattered here and there. Friendly customer service is one promotion that can be done by small businesses. Using a clean ceramic white and will facilitate a neat appearance. Bright spotlights, and a clean restroom is an indirect promotion.Therefore, all aspects of the product can be promoted, ranging from the attractive packaging, plastic bags labeled as a specific company names, banners, billboard ads, all that can be utilized.With promotions like the above will require a special budget for promotion. Articles may be associated with a number of sales. There is no definitive standard on how much percentage of the cost of promotion. Only indication will appear, when the campaign declined, the sales may decline. Companies often have to do pengamatran own. Each different kind of company. There is only 1% of sales is that 10% of sales.

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