Cactus sap Optimal Experience Technology Purify Water

Rabu, 06 April 2011
Clean water needs to be very important. Various kinds of tools and technologies created with the purpose of facilitating to obtain clean water. But as a technology, need an understanding of how to use and care.Norma Alcantar, a scientist from the University of South Florida, USA, seeing is not pulling water purification technology available today, especially for people in developing countries, because not everyone can and are willing to learn and do these two things, the result is a tool and these technologies are ignored and not used at all. Not to mention the cost of care that must be spent in order to maintain optimal equipment still works and water purification technology today.Once again, nature and history have given examples. Together with several colleagues decided to examine a plant that can live on barren land and many were found throughout the world. The choice fell on a cactus or prickly pear Opuntia ficus-Latin languages ​​indica. Cactus species have been used since the 19th century by Mexican society as a water purifier.Alcantar finds that contained thick sap in plants and usually serves as a store of water turned out to be thickening. In the test try with the addition of water and mixed with sediment and bacteria at high levels, it happens clotting sediment particles and settle to the bottom of the water. The sap has also resulted in 98% of the bacteria together and make it easier to filter.Communities in developing countries can heat a piece of cactus to issue a sap, then add it into the water that needs purification, added Alcantar. The prevalence of cactus, affordability and cultural make natural materials such as water purification technologies are interesting. Their work has also been published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology.Although seemingly simple, there still seems to be done for the natural technology to function optimally. This was revealed by Colin Hirwitz, head of technology at the company's Catalysts GreenOx catalyst, which highlights there are still some problems that need to be answered, including how much land and water needed to grow cacti for water purification purposes in greater numbers, as well as how a person know that all the bacteria that are attached has been removed from the purified water with the natural technology.Nevertheless alternative natural technology remains attractive, and only needed a few more steps to achieve optimal results. The availability and ease in making the process of appropriate technology.

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