Causes of Yellow Teeth

Rabu, 06 April 2011
Increasing age and frequency of consuming foods and beverages that mengadung dyes become one of the factors causing the color of dull or yellowed teeth.
Color in foods and beverages derived from chromogens, pigmented molecules that can be attached to the tooth. So also with the acidity of foods and beverages.Acidity makes food colors erode the teeth, so teeth soft and chromogens easily stick.
Routine brushing and avoiding smoking is one way to keep teeth healthy, white, clean. But there are some foods and drinks that you need to be aware. Here goes a row of food and drinks cause teeth dull, yellow and stained:
Candy The main ingredient of the candy is sugar. Many eating candy was also affecting the health of your teeth, not only will make teeth perforated and porous, but also can leave stains on teeth.
Carbonated Drinks Generally soft drinks containing the dye and acid-rich chromogens.Jika drunk regularly, which contained pigment molecules will stick to the teeth so the teeth dull quickly.
Energy drinks Acid contained in energy drinks can dissolve tooth enamel. And if consumed regularly, it will be faster drinks erode tooth enamel making it easy to turn yellow.
Black tea Black tea is rich in tannins and chromogens that can leave stains on teeth. Not only that, black tea can leave the crust if taken too frequently. To prove it, brewed black tea in the cup and let stand for more than 5 hours. Prove what happens, the remaining tea stains will definitely stick to the bottom and the water's edge on cups of tea.
Coffee Coffee contains more caffeine than tea, while caffeine had a tooth coloring properties. Moreover, the coffee grounds have a lot, if you drink coffee grounds certainly will stick in your teeth and it causes a change wana teeth.
Sauce Soy sauce, tomato sauce, curry sauce and other dark-colored sauce is also believed to have potential to leave stains on teeth.

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