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Skin is the largest constituent of the human body organ that is located at the outside and cover the entire surface of the body. As it is located at the outside, the skin of the first to receive a stimulus such as stimulation of touch, pain, and bad influences from the outside. The function of the skin include: protecting the surface of the body, maintain body temperature, and remove certain impurities. The skin is also important for the production of vitamin D by the body from ultraviolet rays. Given the importance of skin as a protective organs in it, the skin should be kept healthy.Aside from being a protector of the body, the skin also has aesthetic value. Skin is clean and well maintained will look beautiful views.Disorders of the skin often occur due to various factors, among others, climate, living environment, unhealthy living habits, allergies, and others. Some types of skin disorders including:
1. Eczema (Eczema)Is a skin disease characterized by reddish skin, scaly, cracked, itchy, especially at night (dry eczema), arising from the small bubbles that contain water or pus, swelling, blisters, red, very itchy and feels hot
1. and excessive cold on the skin (wet eczema). Parts of the body which eczema is often attacked by the hands, feet, groin, and ears.Eczema caused by allergies to certain stimuli such as chemicals contained in detergents, soaps, medicines and cosmetics, sensitivity to certain foods such as shrimp, fish, eggs, chicken meat, alcohol, MSG (MSG), etc. Eczema can also be caused by plant pollen allergy, dust, climate rangangan, even emotional disturbances. Eczema is more frequent attacks on talented people who are allergic.This disease often occurs repeatedly or relapse. Therefore must be considered to avoid the things or materials that can cause allergies (alergen.)2. Scabies (scabies)Is a skin disease caused by parasites / mites that itch that is Sarcoptes scabiei var hominis. Scabies is more common in areas with poor hygienic and attacking people with less to maintain cleanliness of his body. Symptoms include: intense itching that arise at night, itching that occurs mainly at the sidelines of the fingers, under armpits, waist, genitals, around the elbow, aerola (the area around the nipple), and the front surface of the wrist The disease is easily transmitted to another person directly for example in contact with the patient, or indirectly such as through a towel or clothing.3. RingwormIs a skin disease caused by fungus. Symptoms among others, that is; skin becomes thick and circles arise, flaky, moist, watery, and itchy, then whitish spots. Ringworm usually arise from lack of hygiene of the skin. Parts of the body which are usually attacked by ringworm of neck, neck, and scalp.4. Boils (furuncles)Boils are skin infections in the form of a lump, looking flushed, which will be enlarged, containing pus and feels hot, it can grow in all parts of the body, but usually grow in moist parts of the body, such as: neck, folds arms, or groin, scalp.Ulcer due to Staphylococcal aureus bacterial infection of the skin through hair follicles, oil glands, sweat glands which then lead to local infections. Factors that increase the risk of ulcers include poor hygiene, infected wounds, the weakening of diabetes, cosmetics that clog pores, and the use of chemicals.5. Measles (Rubella)Is an acute infectious disease caused by a virus, and usually attacks children.Symptoms of this disease are fever, sneezing, runny nose, headache, body feels lethargic, no appetite, and inflammation of the eye. After several days of these symptoms are itchy red rash appears, growing larger, spreading to several parts of the body.
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