Something New in the Last Week

Rabu, 06 April 2011
Routines have been making us bored. Holiday weekend to be just the thing to rest and stay away from the routine. But sometimes among family members already have their own agenda. Perhaps the child will go the movies with her friends, her father went fishing alone or even mother's social gathering. Togetherness is less due to daily routines, at the weekend which should have felt it difficult to realize because every family member has their own agenda. 

If you want to travel out of town will also increase the household budget, and also may even make us tired on the road. Try something new, sempatkanlah do something with family members at least once. Make an agreement with all family members regarding the events that will be made to fill the holiday weekend together. On the morning of the holiday weekend, we can exercise together, for example morning walk or jog together. We can do with surround housing complex, or the field. Greet neighbors you meet along the road. Encourage them sports as well. After jogging, after resting a while, I can membikinkan entire family fried bananas. Enjoy fried bananas with a glass of warm tea together. Once it can proceed with cleaning up the house and yard clean. Do mutual cooperation with the entire family. Once the house is clean, turn the entire family wash alias bath.The next activity is to breakfast together. Maybe here I can create and serve new menus. In order not to get bored with the menus that's it. Afternoons can be filled with watching a DVD. Choose the family-themed titles. Hidangkanlah snacks and fruits. As for the afternoon can be filled with grilled fish together. Feel the togetherness with the family that we feel may be rare because of our busyness.Calculated refreshing after undergoing daily routines which saturated without spend more deeply. Have fun and fill the holiday.

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