5 Tips Employee motivation

Senin, 04 April 2011
1. Focus on the interaction of non-contingency. Interacting with people who are on a personal level. As a leader, your relationship with the team not only in the job. As Madeleine Hunter, "People do not care how much you know until they know how much you". You do not have to give hugs and kisses every morning, but you also can not like the Vice-President who had charge of me. He never left his office or speak with his staff all day. When he tried to lead, the impact is very small because we do not have a relationship. 

2. Break the rules. I once asked one of his sales, what can I do to show I appreciate his hard work. He asked to have lunch at a horse race. He promised to teach how to bet if I mentraktirnya eat and drive a car. What I see as a disruption in my schedule is busy, turned into one day "work" the best I've ever experienced. We really enjoy, discuss business issues, and bring the relationship to the next stage.
3. Think cheap and custom. The old adage says, "the idea of ​​being considered" is real and powerful. Customization or arrange awards, prizes, etc. to match the recipient very significant compared to the value of gifts. Sales staff as in Tip # 2 is a man older than me who do not need the bonus money, time, or gift of material. He just wants my time.
4. Be sincere and close. Studies show that among the top employee motivators is to recognize job well done. Recognition by giving movie ticket, thank you cards, gift voucher has no meaning when used alone. Give also the proximity and sincere appreciation and you have a formula for effective performance coaching. I am getting used to bring freepass cinema for distribution to staff of Generation Y. They understand why they get it and appreciate someone who appreciates their efforts.
5. Sharing of information and power. Intrinsic motivation is genuine. You can not memakasa someone doing something not to his satisfaction. Every day was eliminated only because they refused to performance-in addition to week, month and year for trying to "motivate" them. People become self-motivated when they feel valued and have input in the work environment, tasks and plans.

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