Criteria for Good Girl Sales Promotion

Rabu, 06 April 2011
Conditions that must be owned by a Sales Promotion Girl / SPG
a. Performance. Performance is the physical appearance that can diindera by usingvision. In this perspective, also illustrates the performance of one's innate. Thesetraits were measured from the appearance of outlook (physical appearance) and the design of dress code (dress design), the size of this nature subjective (eachperson can differ).

b. Communicating style. Communication is absolutely must be met by a salespromotion girl because it is through this communication will be able to createinteraction between customers and sales promotion girls. This communication ismeasured from the style of talk and how to communicate. Measurement ofcommunicating in this style because it can be returned to the consumer issubjective.

c. Body language. Body language is more directed to the physical movement(gentle, graceful, and others). Gestures while offering products and physical touch(body touch) is a description of this body language. Measurement of body languagebecause it can be returned to consumers are subjective. If you meet theseelements, it was possible sales promotion girls who recruited the company will beable to create a good perception about the product being advertised, and will befollowed with interest the purchase.

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