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Rabu, 06 April 2011
In Oral Health 
Science tarapi disease treatment and very often we meet, what are current with the advancement of internet technology we can find out various things, especially in the field of oral health. Society no longer lay on oral health. But in reality there are many of us go to the dentist to treat and not to prevent. It is also important to realize by medical colleagues to always provide prevention guidance to patients. Be aware keberhasialan an act of treatment not only can be achieved by one party alone, but need the cooperation between the patient and the physician's own. 

Prevention of disease is very important but often overlooked or deliberately ignored. But we need to realize is actually much cheaper to prevent disease than to cure, so why do not we prevent before it hurt? Some of us may not know exactly how to prevent and care for oral health is maintained well, not necessarily actual cost of the expensive and can be done alone at home. Here are some ways umun can do to prevent oral disease. 
Maintaining oral hygiene (removal of plaque and bacteria). Maintaining kebersian mouth can be done in many ways one of the most effective way is by brushing your teeth regularly, so that we can break the chains of causes of caries and other oral diseases. 
Strengthen the teeth (with Flour). How to strengthen the tooth by using the flour is to use toothpaste that contains flour. But some of us may still believe in and use of betel leaves to nourish the tooth. However, the most sanagt is not recommended to brush teeth with a stone or brick with clay, some people still use this method in hopes of teeth look cleaner and stronger. But in fact the use of brick instead will erode the enamel coating. 
Reduce consumption of foods that are sweet and sticky. The food we eat is an important nutrient for our bodies but some foods may not be suitable for our oral health, is not really should not but if we consume a sweet and sticky foods should be after that Langgung clean or brush my teeth with the remains of mankanan it does not stick to the teeth that will accelerate the process of caries and other oral diseases. 
Familiarize consumption of fibrous foods and healthy teeth. Fiber in addition to good food for healthy body is also good for oral health. For those who like to use toothpicks after meals to clean up the leftovers try to replace the toothpicks with fruit such as apples, melons, papaya, etc.. These fruits will help us to clean up waste food stuck on the sidelines of our teeth. 

Once we know how this is useful to begin sharing this knowledge to the people closest to us so that later they can remind us when we forget, is not giving better than receiving? Most of us actually know but because of various reasons, so do not do the things mentioned above. So start inviting people nearby and that you care to both maintain oral health. 
Maybe better if you paste text diwastafel, bathroom or dining room you. From the description above can be abbreviated like this: 
Brush teeth at least 2 times that is, after breakfast and before bed at night. 
Use a toothbrush and toothpaste fluffy berflouride. 
Brush entire surface of the teeth for 2 minutes, and rinse just 1 time. 
Eat less sugary foods and sticky (no more than 2 times between meals). 
Eat fibrous fruits as dessert. 

Hopefully useful for us all, good luck

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