Climate change increase the population of caterpillars

Selasa, 19 April 2011
YOGYAKARTA-temperature environment, especially climate change influence the population of caterpillars, because of increasing temperatures can accelerate the life cycle of caterpillar that, experts said pests and plant diseases, Faculty of Agriculture Gadjah MadaYogyakarta Suputa. "The increased population of caterpillars is also due to the reduction in natural enemies, such as birds, parasitoids, and other predators," he said in the discussion Pests Plague Worm Feather phenomenon in East Java, Yogyakarta, on Thursday. According to him, due to high population, attacks caterpillars in Probolinggo, East Java, the more apprehensive. Caterpillars not only attack the leaves of mango in the district banks, Leces, Those are, and Tegalsiwalan, but also enter the house residents. "Leaves of mango varieties in the area Manalagi devour caterpillars.Mango tree twigs and stems stay, "he said. The phenomenon of caterpillar fur He said, the caterpillars prefer the leaves of mango Manalagi attack than other varieties of mango trees. Selection of the host caterpillars adults was carried out when laying an egg. "The caterpillar hairs not including butterflies, but moths countrymen. Allegedly moth caterpillars that are laid eggs on the skin cracks or under the mango tree leaves, "he said. According to him, attack caterpillars are not a new phenomenon, because previous similar attacks have occurred. In fact, never happened before Java chilli plants which wilted plant yellowing due to pest attack. "There are two species of caterpillar that attacks the leaves of mango in Probolinggo, namely arctornis sp and Lymantria atemeles Collenette. That caterpillars are nocturnal, ie caterpillars are active at night, "he said. He said no wonder that on the night often sounded like rain, and it was actually caterpillars eating the leaves of mango. "If this worm attacks left unchecked, it will be many parties suffered losses. Besides fear of economic losses as well, "he said.Therefore, the control of caterpillar populations into steps that must be done immediately. Moreover, silkworm egg production capacity reaches 70-300 eggs per female worm. "Integrated pest control by utilization of natural enemies, birds, parasitoids, UV light traps, pheromone traps and the use needs to be done," he said-REPUBLIKA.CO.ID

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